How TOBTC Trading LLC Works?


             TOBTC Trading LLC company is registered in the UAE (Dubai) and Turkey (Istanbul) and operates in

            the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This company founded the Laqira Protocol project under

            the management of Sina Osivand, who has more than ten years of experience and an active presence in

            international financial markets such as Forex and Cryptocurrency.

            Teaching the basic and advanced concepts of cryptocurrencies, daily analysis of the cryptocurrency market,

            and providing spot and futures signals are among the services of TOBTC Trading LLC.

            Introduction and development of Laqirace as the world's first Drive2Earn game, designing and running

            blockchain gaming tournaments, launching Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace to sell and buy NFTs,

            and holding one of the greatest successful blockchain Airdrops direct this company to achieve its goals.


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       What is Copy Trading?


               In any job, it takes time to become a professional. inexperienced

               people usually promote their skills by by following the professionals path.

               The same is true of the business. Newcomers to the business world are more

               likely to need a model or duplicate and copy professionals plans.

               For this reason, with the professional bots that we provide to you at

               TOBTC, you can see and copy the best and most accurate analysis.

              TOBTC Copy Trading will be launched soon.

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           The TOBTC team, with years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency and

           blockchain, helps interested users to learn and make money (dollars) out of

           this platform with primary experience. To make the process of learning effortless,

            TOBTC team analyzes the latest world news and provides it to you as educational

           videos and articles.By following our educational pages and social networks, you can

           boost your skills in the short time and be a leader in this field.


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