Our goals:

1. Launching NFT Marketplace with unique features.

2. Launching the first Drive2earn blockchain-based game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3. DEX Startup of the project.

4. Preparing TOBTC site for Copy Trading.

5. Cryptocurrency market analysis.

6. Developing an Open World metaverse game with the capability to exchange NFT lands.

7. To be listed in the first-rank exchanges of the market.

We proudly announce that we have launched The world's first Drive2earn blockchain-based game on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).


TOBTC TRADING LLC is a blockchain-based company committed to creating and securing a thriving ecosystem of decentralized blockchain products. Our platforms, such as LaqiraProtocol, have introduced a seamless decentralized application, cutting-edge web3 gaming, a highly secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchange, and expert blockchain consulting services.