Our goals:

1. Launching NFT Marketplace with unique features.

2. Launching the first Drive2earn blockchain-based game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3. DEX Startup of the project.

4. Preparing TOBTC site for Copy Trading.

5. Cryptocurrency market analysis.

6. Developing an Open World metaverse game with the capability to exchange NFT lands.

7. To be listed in the first-rank exchanges of the market.

We proudly announce that we have launched The world's first Drive2earn blockchain-based game on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).

Founder Sina Osivand is the founder of Laqira Protocol and CEO of TOBTC Trading Company. He started his journey in the world of finance back in 2009, working in the FX market. He was responsible for many successful startups. In 2016, he started working in the field of cryptocurrencies. He established TOBTC family in 2016 as a technical analysis and crypto news station channel. Also, TOBTC community has become a place for discussing the crypto and blockchain world with the audience over time. After several years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, he created a professional team and founded TOBTC TRADING Company. In 2021 he launched Laqira Protocol project in order to follow innovative blockchain-based ideas. His passion has always been to improve blockchain and develop new technologies.