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Bitcoin Jumps to Monthly Peak Above $48K, Chainlink Explodes 11% to $20

The primary cryptocurrency was trading sideways for much of the previous ten days. The asset had calmed after last week’s volatility and remained in a tight range at around $43,000 until Wednesday evening.

This is when the bulls gained control over the market and initiated a few consecutive leg-ups. At first, BTC jumped to $45,000, but that was just the beginning. The bulls kept the pressure on, and the cryptocurrency saw its price climb above $47,000 by the end of the business week.

Although most recent weekends have been quite sluggish, this one resulted in more positive price movements. Bitcoin tried to take down $48,000 yesterday, and despite failing at first, it kept pushing and did so earlier today.

Most altcoins are also in the green on a daily scale, as they have been in the past few days.

Chainlink has taken the main stage from the larger-cap alts. LINK has soared by 11% and trades above $20 for the first time in years.

Even more substantial gains come from the likes of BEAM (23%) and Ronin (14%). As such, the total crypto market cap has added about $30 billion once again overnight and stands at a local peak of $1.810 trillion on CMC.

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