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One of the best projects in the cryptocurrency market which has the best fundamentals is the Celer project. Celer Network was founded in 2018 and has been able to make positive changes in solving the problems of the blockchain network. With the Celer network, anyone can quickly create scalable decentralized applications. This network has other features that we will discuss in the following. If you are also interested in becoming more familiar with this currency code and getting more information, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

What Is Celer Network (CELR)?

Blockchain looks much more appealing with the speed of transactions and the operational power of Celer. The Celer platform is a cohesive Layer 2 scalable network with multi-chain and multi-layer support. Combining the State Channel and the Layer-2 Rollup, it serves as a platform for offering a diverse set of applications such as micropayment, DeFi, and gaming in a complex scalable business environment where anyone can access decentralized applications (DApps). In the following, we tell you more about the Celer Network .

Who Are Founders of Celer Network?

The Celer platform was established in 2018 by an experienced team of engineers. All four of Celer’s co-founders have doctorates in computer science, and all of them have admirable work experience at well-known technology companies.

Dr. Mo Dongm is a leading expert in the application of algorithmic game theory and protocol development. He also teaches comprehensive courses on smart contracts. He previously worked as a development engineer and product manager.

Dr. Junda Liu, a graduate of Berkeley University, partnered with Google in 2011 to build their data center infrastructure. In 2014 , he co-founded the Project Fi mobile service. After that, he became the technical director of Android Tech.

Dr. Xiaozhou Li studied at Princeton. Before joining Barefoot Networks , Lee worked as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Dr. Qingkai Liang holds an MIT degree. He has worked as a software engineering intern for MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) , Bell Labs, and Google.

What Makes Celer Network (CELR) Unique?

Celer is a network system and is not a separate blockchain , but instead runs on existing and future blockchains. The founders of Celer focused on scalability so that they could improve encrypted blockchains. The founders are confident that they can solve the existing problems with a platform outside their chain. The four levels of cStack architecture are evenly divided to offer several unique advantages. Its benefits include reduction of transaction delays; Reduction of micropayments commission; Zero commission on off-chain smart contracts; An optimal routing algorithm for transactions; And support for various Blockchain.

Economy is a unique economic cryptographic model tasked with maintaining stable liquidity and ecosystem availability. The algorithm does not require the use of Proof-of-Work (PoW) . Users only need to install the software and hold the CELR in their accounts to receive rewards for providing liquidity.

Celer Network Architecture

We have summarized the Celer network architecture (cStack) in four levels:

1. cRoute : A mechanism that simplifies routes within the network to increase operational capacity.

2. cOS. : The core of the network that allows operation, storage, and extra-chain disruptions.

3. cChannel: Channels used to transmit transactions within the network.

4. cApps : An ecosystem application layer used for scaling and user privacy.

Celer Network, Roadmap

● Q1 : Layer2 finance v0.1 mainnet launch, cBridge MVP release

● Q2 : layer2 finance v1.0 launch, cBridge v1.0 launch

● Q3 : layer2 finance v1.1 launch with ZK Rollup support, cBridge v1.1 launch

● Q4 : layer2 finance v2.0 with cross-chain synthesis

List of selected Celer partners

The CELR Token Distribution Diagram

● Public sales : 6%

● Private sales : 15.5%

● ICO : 11.5%

● Base : 17%

● Marketing + ecosystem : 5%

● Team and consultant : 18.3%

● Advisor : 1.7%

● PoLC extraction : 25

Celer Network Wallet

Celer Network Market

We have brought you a list of exchanges in which CELR can be traded. Do not forget that you need a VPN and authentication to work in the above exchanges, and of course, keep in mind that Binance no longer provides services to Iranian users. We can not recommend any specific exchange, but you can do your own research about each of the above-mentioned exchanges and find the best solution.


● Market Cap : $618.989.618 $

● Circulating Supply : 5.85B CELR

● Total Supply : 10B CELR

● Volume 24h : $175.600.361

● Rank : 116

● All-time High (ATH) :$0.1274

● MKT Dominance : %0.03


In this article, we reviewed the CELR network project and found that the CELR network focuses on one of the most important problems of the blockchain industry and crypto projects, namely scalability. The network tries to solve the problem of scalability to help users not face downtime and slowness in their transactions. CELER network has attracted much attention which resulted in the popularity of its tokens. the passing of time determines whether this change is permanent in the Blockchain or it will be forgotten over time. Thank you for being with us until the end of the article.