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Earn Lifetime Income with Royalties System

Part Two: Earning lifetime income

Given the fact that Laqira Protocol enabled users to earn money by Introducing the world’s first Drive2Earn game, launching NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, with collaboration with Binance, placed Laqira protocol among unique and in-demand Metaverse and blockchain projects . In a word of blockchain, Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace is a platform where NFTs can be traded in a secure and attractive user interface. This platform offers unique features to the users that are exclusive to this platform and can be found nowhere else.

the image below shows the unique features of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace

One of the features of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace is the possibility of earning a lifetime income through the Royalties System, which we will discuss about it in detail in this article.

Earn Lifetime Income with Royalties System

To better understand this topic, it is better to first look at the main concept of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets registered in a blockchain network. For example, from the most famous and popular paintings such as the Mona Lisa smile or Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, photoshoots of a fashion model, or even a short animation, all as valuable assets can be kept or traded in the form of NFTs. One of the users’ most frequent questions regarding non-fungible tokens or NFTs is about the benefits and usefulness of NFTs and how is it possible to earn money from them? Which we will discuss further.

Registering the Ownership of the Creation

One of the fundamental advantages of non-fungible tokens is registering the ownership of the creation in the blockchain network. Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace, with a straightforward and attractive user interface and complete tutorial content, allows users to register their works’ copyright in the blockchain network with just a few simple clicks.Therefore stealing and forging works of art or using them without the creator’s permission is minimized.

Selling Artworks in the International Market

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has provided a suitable platform for trading, transferring, or holding any digital asset. Every day multi-million dollar transactions from one account to another in different countries are done with the help of cryptocurrencies with the highest security and lowest fees. Non-fungible tokens, as digital assets, are no exception to this rule. Users of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace can mint their creations such as photos, paintings, digital paintings, or animations to NFT at the lowest cost and sell them in the international market of Laqira Protocol without needing credit cards and earn money from it.

Royalties System

Today, with the help of blockchain technology, all transactions and trades are recorded with the highest security. On the Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace platform, users can mint their creations to NFTs and sell them. Furthermore, Laqira Protocol’s Royalties system entitles artists, as the owner of the registered creation on the blockchain network, to always receive a percentage of the amount paid by the buyer each time their artwork is resold. This percentage between zero and 50 can be defined arbitrarily by the piece’s creator and is automatically applied every time the works are resold.

Last word

The collaboration of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace and Binance and launching this platform on the BSC, along with its unique features such as lifetime income and development of a safe and fast platform, made it famous among artists to create and exchange non-fungible tokens (NFT) with a low transaction fee.