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From Twitter to the blockchain: The evolution of social media profiles

An in-depth look at tokenizing social media profiles and creating a more transparent ecosystem for social media users.

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Social media platforms have revolutionized communication and information sharing, connecting people across the globe and providing a platform for personal and professional growth. However, with this increased connectivity comes a new set of challenges, particularly around the issue of fake engagement and bot activity. In recent years, the rise of automated bots and fake accounts has plagued social media platforms, leading to a distorted picture of user engagement and a lack of trust in the authenticity of the content. This problem is not only a concern for individual users but also for brands and businesses that rely on social media as a marketing and advertising tool.

However, a potential solution to this problem is emerging through the rise of Web3 and the use of blockchain technology. By tokenizing social media profiles, users can prove their authenticity and establish a trusted reputation on social media platforms. This would create a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem for social media users, removing the incentive for fake engagement and bots.

An additional layer of UI to reshape social media

Hundrx, a simple browser extension, has introduced social media profile tokenization as a product to tackle the hurdles the social media space currently faces. While extremely easy to use, the Hundrx browser extension is a complex secondary UI layer that attaches to social media platforms like Twitter.

The Hundrx network’s user accounts are connected to the second layer of UI, which generates tokens for each account. What makes Hundrx remarkable is its straightforward approach — a Chrome extension that modifies the Twitter website, effectively transforming every profile into a social token that can be traded.


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Social media profiles as tradable crypto tokens

The process of converting profiles is permissionless, requiring zero authorization from the account holder. It functions much like a Google search result scraper, enabling followers to create social tokens symbolizing a person’s social influence. With Hundrx, any Twitter account, be it a meme account or a famous personality, can be tokenized, instantly acquiring worth and marketability. Social tokens can be allocated to followers, offering a novel way to interact with the community.

Hundrx distinguishes itself by allowing followers to issue social tokens instead of the account owner or notable person. This method fosters user expansion and widespread adaptability while allowing followers to actively participate in shaping an individual’s social value.

Hundrx Tokenomic. Source: Hundrx

Hundrx Tokenomic. Source: Hundrx

Social media profile tokens are generated by spending the Hundrx protocol’s native token DRX. As shown above, the Hundrx protocol issues DRX tokens, which users purchase to exchange for social tokens — essentially tokenizing a social media profile on the blockchain.

Final thoughts

Thanks to projects like Hundrx, the rise of Web3 and blockchain technology offers a promising solution to the problem of fake engagement and bot activity on social media platforms.

Hundrx’s approach to tokenizing social media profiles through a simple browser extension presents an innovative and permissionless way for users to establish a trusted reputation on social media and offer a new way for followers to interact with their community.

By using the Hundrx protocol’s native token, DRX, social media profiles can be transformed into tradable social tokens on the blockchain, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of social media and digital identity. As the space continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology will reshape social media as we know it.

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