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How one Web3 company is creating the ultimate crypto ecosystem

Fastex, an up-and-coming crypto project, aims to reshape the Web3 space with one of the most developed ecosystems out there.

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As the Web3 space continues to grow and evolve, there are now several defined aspects that users tend to affiliate it with. Whether one likes to use crypto for payments or is interested in hunting down the latest NFT collectible, the crypto space is rapidly diversifying what it can offer users. Regardless of the sub-sector, Web3 continues to onboard new users.

According to the latest DappRadar industry report, the number of unique active wallets that connected to a blockchain-based application on a daily basis rose significantly in 2022. While in 2021, the blockchain industry saw an average daily wallet count of about 1.58 million, in 2022, this number skyrocketed to 2.37 million.

Still, despite rising activity, one big challenge remains — the Web3 space is fragmented, and the various services the space has to offer require a multitude of tools and interactions to be used effectively.

Web3 onboarding is still challenging

While more and more users flock to the Web3 space, getting started still requires a significant level of research and preparation. For example, if a crypto enthusiast is just starting out and wants to start utilizing DeFi platforms, there are multiple steps that need to be completed before the user can actually start trading. First, they need to create a Web3 crypto wallet like MetaMask, then they need to acquire cryptocurrency, possibly from a centralized exchange, and only after these steps are completed can the user venture into DeFi.

The same process applies to virtually all sub-sectors of the Web3 space. Whether a gamer wants to start exploring blockchain gaming or an artist is looking to venture into digital collectibles and NFTs, the initial onboarding process has to be completed. This rather extensive procedure is what deters the majority of new users who have an interest in the Web3 space but lack the knowledge of how to interact with blockchain-based platforms.

As a response to that fragmentalization and complicated onboarding process, one platform is taking this concept of diversification to the next level by introducing an impressive ecosystem of services tailored to the needs of all crypto enthusiasts.

In comes Fastex, an innovative crypto platform that offers everything — from crypto payments and trading to NFTs, a dedicated gallery and a full-blown Metaverse. Most importantly, the platform eliminates the need to interact with numerous different projects with various requirements. All aspects of the Web3 space are available on this single platform.


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What is Fastex?

Before diving into why Fastex is revolutionizing the Web3 space, let’s first look at what the company offers. Created by a team with extensive business experience, Fastex is an all-round crypto ecosystem that caters to everyone’s needs.

Starting with a dedicated blockchain and a native token (which is also available on the Ethereum network with a public sale running until Jan. 20, 2023), Fastex is working on creating its ecosystem from the ground up. Planning to use the upcoming Fastex blockchain and the Fasttoken as a foundation, the company has already begun developing all pieces that complete its crypto ecosystem.


Fastex offers an exchange platform allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can take advantage of its NFT marketplace to browse nonfungible tokens and collectibles. Looking for a way to integrate crypto payments? Fastex has crypto enthusiasts covered with the upcoming FastexPay — a crypto payment solution. And the best part is, all of these products come together into the FastexVerse, a dedicated virtual world where users can take advantage of all Fastex products in one place.

Efficiency and beyond

Having access to the whole suite of Fastex products in a single virtual world facilitates much easier use and makes it as simple as a couple of clicks to exchange your crypto and buy an NFT.

Beyond simple ease of use, Fastex is working on creating a comprehensive suite of products that can be seamlessly integrated into the everyday lives of its users. According to a Pew Research survey, more than 50% of tech experts believe that the Metaverse will become an inseparable part of people’s daily life by 2040.

Imagine you are looking to set up a meeting with a contractor or prospective business partner. You could easily organize it in a virtual environment like the FastexVerse. All-encompassing platforms like that will enable businesses and private users to communicate, exchange ideas and transact with crypto assets all in one place. There wouldn’t be a need to set up numerous accounts and logins, approve payments in various platforms or wait for confirmations.

Working on projects ahead of its time, Fastex also envisions that the Metaverse will become an invaluable part of the way people and businesses communicate. In order to provide as many people as possible with easy access to this futuristic view of the world, Fastex has created an ecosystem of applications that cover the needs of all types of users.

Bringing all of the utilities the crypto world has to offer into a single ecosystem of apps and products allows Fastex to conquer new markets and attract more users. The Fastex website has more information about the company and its ever-growing suite of products.

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