Introducing Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace and its capabilities



What is Laqira Protocol?

Laqira Protocol is an enticing Metaverse platform and a unique NFT Marketplace, which enables users to make use of blockchain services easily and securely. The project has been aiming to build a Metaverse blockchain-based platform that consists of unique blockchain features and products, such as the world's first Drive2Earn game, as well as NFT Marketplace. TOBTC LLC company’s collaboration with the world's most famous blockchain companies, benefiting from creative international teams, and holding international events have popularized the Laqira Protocol platform.

Founder of Laqira Protocol:

The founder of Laqira Protocol is TOBTC LLC company, which is registered in the UAE (Dubai) and Turkey (Istanbul) under the supervision of Sina Osivand. He graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University and has over ten years of managerial experience and an active presence in international financial markets like the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) and cryptocurrencies. The Laqira Protocol project has welcomed collaboration with a young, creative international team which makes this project auspicious in the field of Metaverse and blockchain.

Among all Laqira Protocol products and services, Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace is favored by users as it contains unique features and facilities and collaborates with international projects.

Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace:

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, is a new generation of digital assets. According to statistics published on the official Finbold website, the amount of money spent on trading NFTs until February 2022 is more than $ 50 billion. Now let’s see how NFT Marketplace works by an example: imagine a photographer takes a unique picture of a particular moment; s/he can convert this work of art into a Non-fungible token or NFT and register this picture’s ownership on a blockchain network. By using NFT Marketplace it is possible to display works of art to the world at the lowest cost and sell it at any price. Converting works of art to NFT is not limited to photos; anything like paintings, music albums, or even signatures can be converted to NFT on a blockchain network.

Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace is one of the most well-known markets in the world of blockchain. It provides an exclusive platform that enables users to buy, sell, and even mint non-fungible tokens with a high level of security. In the following, you will find a description of the unique features of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace.

1- SlowMist audit for Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace

SlowMist is a blockchain security firm that provides cyber security audits and protection of leading digital asset exchanges, cryptocurrencies, public chains, and smart contracts. The SlowMist security team audits and covers more than 1,500 smart contracts such as Solana, VeChain, EOS, and Ethereum.

2- Operates on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Exchange is the largest crypto exchange by trading volume in the world of blockchain. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) runs smart contract-based applications and uses a combination of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithms. Fast transactions with low gas fee and high scalability of this network are among its advantages. Launching Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace on BSC is significant for this platform compared to other platforms such as the Ethereum blockchain network.

3- Earn lifetime income with Royalty System

Another brilliant feature of this platform is the ability to define a royalty system for each NFT. The Royalty system provides cash flow to artists and pays a percentage of the net sales each time the artwork is resold. This percentage, which is between zero to 50%, is applied automatically each time the works are resold.

4- Supports all popular wallets /Users connection via injected wallets and QR service

With a few clicks, users easily connect to the platform by using injected wallets such as Metamask or Connect wallet service (QR) on Trust Wallet and Safepal wallets.

5- Purchase Laqirace Non-fungible tokens

Laqirace is the first and only Drive2Earn game in the blockchain world and it is favored by many fans. The Laqirace game can be described as one of the best blockchain games as it contains an attractive user interface and powerful gameplay that enables users to earn money. To make the competition environment more attractive and to increase the chances of earning money, in-game items with different effects on the acceleration, speed, and handling of the characters are designed. Users can increase their revenue by purchasing designed NFTs from the Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace and using them in the Laqirace game.

6- View transactions on the blockchain platform

All transactions, transfers, and trades are recorded securely on a decentralized blockchain platform. The platform also provides users with NFT tracking via IPSF. IPFS, or InterPlanetary File System, is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.

7- Trading through fixed-price

The Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace has provided a tremendous opportunity to earn money for all artists and those who are in favor of NFTs. Artists can display their artwork to the world on an international platform and sell it at any price. Buyers can buy the chosen NFT at the price set by the seller or submit a lower offer on the Marketplace.

8-Trading through auction

Another special and different feature of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace is the possibility of buying and selling products through an auction. In an auction, the seller first sets a minimum price for a given period. Buyers can bid higher than the seller's price in the Marketplace. At the end of the auction period, the seller can choose one of the buyers, regardless of who has submitted the highest bid and sell the NFT to that buyer.

9- Send NFTs to friends and family as a gift

As mentioned earlier, non-fungible tokens is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art which the buyers will be exclusive owners. Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace empowers its users to send the purchased NFTs to their friends or family as a gift.

10- Minting photos and animated files to NFT

Unlike many other platforms, Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace, besides trading non-fungible tokens in the form of images with JPG and PNG format, enables users to create (mint) new non-fungible tokens in the form of animations with GIF and WebP format. All users, especially artists, can use this feature to register ownership of their artwork on the blockchain network and decide if they want to maintain or sell it. Audio NFT and Video NFT will also be available shortly.

11- Personalized user profile

Many artists consider the NFT Marketplace as an exclusive exhibition where they can create and sell their artwork. Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace has provided the ability to create a personal profile and link it to social media which contributes to a suitable environment for all NFT artists. Artists can connect with their social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, and benefit from their features while communicating with their customers. Personalizing the user profile is in line with gaining customers' trust and confidence

12- Adding tokens built on BSC

On the Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace platform, In addition to LQR, BNB, and BUSD, it will be possible to trade other tokens built on Binance Smart Chain.

13-Trading NFTs of other Marketplaces

Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace offers the opportunity to buy and sell non-fungible tokens of other Marketplaces built on BSC.

14- Operates on Testnet and Mainnet

In Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace users can choose to work with Testnet or Mainnet. By using tutorials they can learn how to mint or order NFTs on the Testnet or trade NFTs on the Mainnet. The Auto connection of Testnet to the Mainnet is also enabled.

15- No need for registration or authentication

Users can stay active and use all the services of the platform without any need to go through the authentication process. Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace aims to provide services to all users so it allows the users to benefit from the platform services without asking to send personal and confidential data.

16- Transfer NFTs ownership to other wallets

Non-fungible tokens are registered as a digital asset in the blockchain network. One of the advantages of non-fungible tokens is that the artwork ownership is registered in the blockchain network. This ownership can be transferred from one person to another through Web3 wallets.

last word

Undoubtedly Laqira Protocol is one of the most promising Metaverse projects in the field of blockchain. Launching the Mainnet of Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace with many unique features, collaborating with international projects and companies, achieving international standards such as SlowMist Audit, and benefiting an efficient and experienced technical team led by Sina Osivand, makes Laqira Protocol NFT Marketplace one of the most successful projects in the blockchain industry.