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The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks offers many opportunities to earn money. In the previous article, we reviewed and introduced some of them (how to make money through blockchain). In this article, we will look at another new way of earning money through cryptocurrencies, which has recently become very popular on social networks. It is about how to make money through exercise and sport activities.


The term gamification is one of the newest terms used in psychology. Gamification is often referred to as the application of motivational sciences to menial tasks to promote positive growth in initiative numbers. Using games, other than entertainment, promotes goals, better interaction in solving problems and tasks, and progress in personal lifestyle.

One example is the popular Fitbit software, which has attracted more than 31 million active users since 2009 using the same approach. A Fitbit is an easy way to gamify your health and fitness goals.

Move-to-Earn Games have come up with a creative idea. Users can earn money by exercising, walking, or doing daily activities. These games aim to change the modern lifestyle, improve public health, and reward users in exchange for exercising.

This type of game uses GPS and mobile phone accelerometers to track all activities and movements of users and rewards them in return. Among the successful projects in the field of Move-to-Earn, we can mention STEPN, Genopets, and Virtual projects.

Following is a review of the STEPN project, one of the successful projects in the Move-to-earn field.

STEPN Project

STEPN is a web3 lifestyle app with social-fi and game-fi elements. It is designed and implemented by FindSatoshi Labs to encourage users to engage in daily activities and sports. For example, players can earn by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. The project is built on the Solana blockchain platform and uses the GST or Green SaToshi Token to mint NFTs, rewards, and NFT trades.

The GMT or Green Metaverse Token is a governance token that gives players voting power to develop the project. The STEPN app runs on both iOS and Android, and every user needs some NFT shoes to start earning money.

How to make money

Your income depends on the level of your activity and the type and characteristics of your chosen shoes. NFT-designed shoes fall into four categories:


2. Jogger

3. Runner

4. Trainer

Users should choose and use a category depending on their daily activities. For example, if you are a professional runner and do much training daily, the Trainer category is definitely the best choice because it brings in more income. However, it is worth mentioning that the Trainer shoe category is also the most expensive one.

STEPN Project NFTs

As it is noted, the shoes are designed in NFT. Therefore, each shoe has its own characteristics and design, and users can buy or sell them on the NFT Marketplace.

Each shoe features fall into

1. Efficiency

2. Luck

3. Comfort

4. Resilience

For example, the higher the efficiency of a shoe, the higher the player’s income from daily activities using those shoes. Resilience is also defined so that when the shoes become obsolete after each use and eventually need to be repaired, the player must spend part of his income on repairing his shoes.

Earnings through GST tokens

Another essential point is Energy. The users receive two Energies with the first shoe and can use them during the day. Earning money from daily activities is possible only when there is energy in the game during the day, and after that, players have to wait for recharges. The charge rate of each shoe, every 6 hours, is half a unit of Energy until it finally reaches the maximum, which is 2.

Finally, users can deposit or withdraw GSTs tokens through Solana wallets such as Phantom.

Last word

With the advent of new GameFi or SocialFi concepts, we are witnessing the broadening of more decentralized applications that enable users to earn money by playing or exercising. As mentioned in the article, this method is one of the most effective ways to encourage people to have daily activities and sports. Therefore, the growing popularity of this field and the investment of large companies such as Nike promise a bright future in this field.