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Razer gaming incubator zVentures issues call for Web3 submissions

Gaming hardware giant Razer has issued a call for Web3 gaming submissions through its zVentures corporate venture capital arm.

Razer, a U.S.-Singaporean consumer electronics company best known for its gaming hardware and peripherals, has sent out a call for new Web3 partners and game submissions. 

Citing the market need for quality games built on blockchain technology, a zVentures blog post details Razer’s push for increased developer involvement.

“We believe that the foundation of any successful game (be it Web 2.0 or Web 3.0) is immersive and engaging gameplay,” reads the blog post, which goes on to state that “many blockchain games on the market today focus primarily on utilizing blockchain technology rather than creating an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience, resulting in a lack of player interest and retention.”

Razer’s zVentures was established in 2016 as a venture capital fundraising arm intended to spur growth and innovation in the gaming industry — a market some analysts now claim is worth more than $300 billion globally. By comparison, the worldwide blockchain market is expected to surpass $100 billion by 2028, assuming it reaches its predicted compound annual growth rate of 55.8%. The growth of blockchain gaming is expected to be aided by major tech companies entering the space. Among them are IBM, Intel and Amazon Web Services.


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According to zVentures, the incubator is looking for projects from new developers with a focus on “gameplay experience first,” as well as submissions from established industry veterans with a proven track record in creating “successful Web 2.0 games as they transition to incorporating blockchain technology and enter the Web 3.0 ecosystem.”

Source : Cointelegraph.com