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Samsung employees banned from using ChatGPT-like AI tools

Samsung is the latest entity to take a stance against emerging generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools as they rapidly infiltrate major global industries.

According to a Bloomberg report on May 2, the company will ban the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT among its employees. This new policy comes after Samsung staff uploaded a “sensitive code” to the platform.

Samsung told staff that as interest in AI platforms is growing, so are the security risks. The internal memo highlighted concerns over the data sent to AI platforms and its potential to be stored on external servers with little control to retrieve or erase.

“HQ is reviewing security measures to create a secure environment for safely using generative AI to enhance employees’ productivity and efficiency.”

However, it continued that until such measures are in place, the company is “temporarily restricting the use of generative AI.” This includes a ban on the use of generative AI tools on Samsung-owned computers, tablets, phones and its internal networks.

Additionally, any employees who use such tools on personal devices were asked not to submit any company information or else risk “disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.”

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In April, Samsung conducted an internal survey regarding generative AI tools, in which 65% of respondents believed the technology poses a security risk. 

Samsung is not the only major company to raise concerns about the emerging technology. Since the beginning of the year, firms such as JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have restricted or banned the usage of tools like ChatGPT.

However, many of these same companies are in the process of developing their own AI tools. JPMorgan created a ChatGPT-based tool that analyzes statements from the Federal Reserve to decipher trading signals. Samsung is also working on an AI tool for translation and summarizing documents.

Source : Cointelegraph.com