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The difference between blockchain and traditional games

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market was flourishing and users were looking for a way to enter this profitable world.Along with the growth and development of the blockchain market, the gaming industry has not lagged behind and has had significant development in this field. 2021 was the year of progress in blockchain-based games, and several projects were launched during that year. Many Metaverse companies, such as the Laqira protocol, have disclosed their blockchain-based games. But many still wonder what the difference is between blockchain-based and traditional video games. Stay with us until the end of the article to understand the answer.

2021, The growth of blockchain-based games

In 2021, most blockchain-based games reached their peak. One of the main reasons for this is the introduction of Metaverse, which offers more far-reaching games to players. Before the introduction of the Metaverse, blockchain-based games were simple; by introducing Metaverse, gamers can experience a wider range of gaming. Currently, blockchain-based game companies are working on expanding the use of Metaverse. For instance, the Laqira Protocol, which operates in the field of Metaverse, was able to display the first blockchain-based game Drive to Earn on the Binance Smart chain (BSC) , and the game is called Laqirace.

The difference between traditional games and blockchain-based games

In traditional games like Grand Theft Auto, players are often preoccupied with in-game assets; But users are not the real owners of those assets. Even if players spend actual money on these games, As soon as they leave their phone, PC, or game console, their ownership ends there.In blockchain-based games, by earning to play types of games, players simply win real prizes. Blockchain-based games use NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to ensure that players receive real rewards. These tokens represent in-game assets and rewards. Players can easily exchange their Non-Fungible Token for cryptocurrencies and earn real money. For example, Laqirace, with the abbreviated token name LQR , was launched on November 12, 2021. Laqirace is one of the three-dimensional blockchain-based games in which users can earn money through online racing. Other features of this game include buying and selling NFT in the marketplace related to the game, this way users can use these NFTs to add more capabilities to the game’s items.

What do we expect from blockchain-based games to earn money in 2022?

After the great success of blockchain-based games in 2021, it seems natural to expect games like Laqirace to thrive. Another prediction is the transition from virtual world creation to real-world simulation. Over time, blockchain-based games integrate real-world gameplay. As an example, the Laqira protocol in the Laqirace game has designed various sections such as fast races, online leagues, and offline races in both race and battle modes. The race section is designed as a track for offline competitors with artificial intelligence, and for online users, it is possible to compete with other players on the race track.

Last word

One thing to expect from blockchain-based game companies is to educate their community to make money just by playing. These games are changing people’s perceptions of games and will continue to grow even faster in 2022.