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We are approaching Laqira Protocol’s inception anniversary

As you are well aware, we are approaching Laqira Protocol’s inception anniversary…

As you are well aware, we are approaching Laqira Protocol’s first anniversary.

In the past year, despite all the difficulties, such as adversity, war, economic crisis, interest rates, and the collapse of international markets especially cryptocurrencies, we have tried our best to build an appropriate infrastructure to achieve the goals of both the project and the investors. On the birthday of Laqira Protocol, we will unveil Laqira Exchange.

Thus, during one year after Laqira protocol project inception, we have revealed three crucial products of the project and helped the project’s growth by providing related services.

At the same time, apart from developing current products of Laqira Protocol and presenting other previously introduced ones, we are developing two innovative and essential products in the blockchain industry that Institutions, foundations, organizations, banks, and all financial and investment activists can use the unique services of them in their businesses.

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